Quer Pagar Quanto?…
How Much You Wanna Pay?…

          The price of submissive people.
The world’s highest income taxes.
The world’s highest interest rates.
The world’s highest tolls.
The world’s most expensive cars.
The world’s most expensive gasoline.
The world’s most expensive energy.
The world’s most expensive and corrupt politicians.
          You need to wake up.

Uma Sutil Diferença…
A Subtle Difference…

What are a country’s values?
                                                   Switzerland                   Brazil
Elementary teacher’s
annual income                        US$71 thousand           US$7 thousand

Senator’s annual
income                                      No salary, only             US$550 thousand

If you wish to live in a country that values education more than politics, share this one.

Aviso ao Público
Public Service Announcement

If you come to Brazil and happen to find yourself on a street or in a shopping mall where any criminal action starts,
No bookstore has ever been attacked in the whole country during the latest riots!
It is a place that no criminal wants to go in even if it is to steal money.

E na Sala de Aula…
And in the Classroom…

Teacher: “Complete the sentence, Johnny: on Brazil’s flag, the words are “order and…”
Johnny: “Bribe!”

(For those not familiar with Brazilian Portiguese: this joke is not fully translatable, because the word “progress” on the flag has been changed to “propina” (bribe) by Johnny. Howevr, there is no English word that would match the first syllable “pro” and instead of “progress” would mean “bribe”.)