Ainda Continuamos Esperando Uma Explicação
We’re Still Waiting for an Explanation

The common citizen writes a check for R$500 (around US$120) and the Brazilian IRS knows about it. Odebrecht pays more than R$3,3 billion (around US$1,1 billion) in corruption money and the Brazilian IRS’s supercomputers never have a clue.
In order to send 10 euros abroad, it’s a savage bureaucracy. During decades, fortunes were transferred illegally from Brazil to other countries and nobody saw anything.
(Source: unknown)


A Verdade Por Trás da Reforma da Previdência
The Truth Behind the Brazilian Welfare Reform


This congressman, a representative from Ceará state (Northeastern Brazil), explains that companies and banks owe almost 500 billion reais (170 billion dollars) to the Brazilian welfare/retirement system. None of the administrations, including the current one, have ever tried to make these companies pay. Now, the Temer administration has decided that the people are going to fill this huge hole, paying the bill. That is absolutely unacceptable, and the Lessa Blog agrees with him. Welfare/Retirement reform? Yes. This welfare/retirement reform? NO!



A Sacada de Diego Casagrande
Diego Casagrande’s Take

Could anybody explain to me why so many people would want to live in the United States legally or ilegally when they don’t have CLT (consolidated labor laws) or Labor Courts, when they are not paid a “thirteenth salary” or don’t have paid maternity leave? How can one withstand a country where decisions about vacations, sick leave or national holidays are negotiated case by case between a company and its workers? Why so many people run the risk of dying in the desert, in the arid Mexican frontier and in the hands of the coyottes, if the U.S. does not have a SUS (unified health system) or a INSS (national welfare administration)? If in the U.S., workers need to have health insurance and save for an emergency? I want to understand how could the United States of America be the preferred country in the minds of all the planet’s immigrants if the country does not have free colleges, a country where families have to save for an entire life to see the dream of a diplomma come true?
Please help me understand how is it possible that so many Brazilians want to move to a country where the right to bear arms is guaranteed almost everywhere and people can even have rifles inside their homes to protect themselves? How can one feel safe in a nation that does not have a Disarmament Statute? Can anyone explain to me how can so many people want to move to a country where those who drink and drive spend a night in jail and, if they do it again, can be jailed for months or even years? A country where the corrupt get screwed? Please explain to me where is the logic in someone leaving a country that does not have life in prison or death penalty to live in another (in this case, the United States) where all this is a reality, not to mention chemical castration for rapists and pedophiles? How to live in a territory where minors can answer for their heinous crimes as adults? Tell me, how is it possible to live in a place where sheriffs, judges and prosecutors are elected by the community? How to live in a country where there is no job security for public servants, a place where anyone working in a town hall, for a state government or even for the federal government can be fired at will, even because of administrators’ strategic reasons?
It looks pretty difficult to understand why so many people in the world want to move to the United States. Actually, it it not. In the United States there are two magic words that must be followed by everyone: “freedom” and “responsibility”. Got it?

///”Critical Eye”, a column published on Metro Jornal Porto Alegre by Diego Casagrande, a professional journalist since 1993, anchor of “BandNews Porto Alegre First Edition at 9a.m.” and “Free Radio” talk show on Bandeirantes Radio, radio stations (94.9FM and 640AM) located in Porto Alegre, Brazil///


De Volta ao Presente
Back to the Present

O GLOBO – Monday, May 19, 1997
Hush-Hush Operation
It was enough for president Fernando Henrique Cardoso to give the Transportation and Justice ministries to Eliseu Padilha and Iris Rezende and the PMDB politicians made peace with the government. House of Reps president Michel Temer (PMDB-Sao Paulo), Eliseu Padilha and the PMDB leader in the House, Geddel Vieira Lima (Bahia), closed a deal during the weekend to suppress the scandal about votes being bought during the re-election (amendment) vote.


Um Aviso Gentil
A Gentle Warning

Mr. Graffer/Graffitist
On this wall, a graffiti is worth a shot
Your way of protesting is spreading graffiti on other people’s walls.
My way of protesting is shooting.
You do the graffiti, I shoot.
I can re-paint the wall, I can pay the attorney
but I want to see you resurrect after everything is said and done.
If you think this is worth the risk, go ahead!


Tomara que “O Antagonista” Esteja Certo!
Let’s Hope “The Antagonist” is Right!

O post abaixo foi publicado no excelente site O Antagonista. O Blog do Lessa torce para que a notícia seja confirmada em breve, e que vejamos essa dupla criminosa atrás das grades logo, logo.

The post above has been published by the well-informed Brazilian site “O Antagonista” (The Antagonist). The Lessa Blog fervently wishes this information is confirmed soon in order to have this criminal duo behind bars as early as possible.
It reads: “The U.S. will call for the imprisonment of Lula and Dilma” — Officials from the United States are going to ask that “Brazilian Official 1” and “Brazilian Official 2″ be jailed. Lula and Dilma Rousseff are finished.”


Meus 2 Centavos sobre Fidel Castro
My 2 Cents on Fidel Castro

This video was posted live on Facebook right after news of Fidel Castro’s death was announced. Besides the celebration with a drink (Cuba Libre — Rum & Coke), I tell a story about my life as a translator for the OAS – Organization of American States when I was living in the U.S. One day, I received a portion of the Human Rights report and part of it concerned the situation in Cuba. After a while doing the translation, I started to cry and could not stop it. The conditions described on the report were horrendous, atrocious, abject. Besides killing his people and spreading terror all over Latin America, Fidel Castro has left a legion of followers who have caused great damage in other countries. Criminals like Lula da Silva, José Dirceu and Dilma Rousseff are direct examples of this filthy heritage. Fidel Castro is finally dead! Cheers!


Se Ele Apenas Tirasse a Mão…
If Only He Removed His Hand…


The headline from O Globo newspaper on November 22, 2016 says that “Temer does not see a reason to remove Geddel”.
This blog firmly believes  that it is most unfortunate that this is happening. It was hoped that the Temer administration, composed of certified crooks, would put the knowledge of these crooks — now supposedly converted to saving the country — to good use, at a moment when everyone in Brazil wants to see the end of corruption and the emergence of sound political practices. The Geddelgate proves this blog wrong, unfortunately.


Hora de Seguir em Frente
Time to move on


Lamento, sinceramente, que os dias pós-eleição presidencial nos EUA estejam tão conturbados. Mas não estou surpreso.
Na peleja eleitoral, achei que Hillary — que parece ter a bunda tão suja quanto seu rival, Donald Trump — era um mal menor. Torci por ela, votei nela. Ela perdeu, fim de linha. Fim de jogo. Trump vai governar pelos próximos 4 anos e os Democratas vão amargar a oposição. E… por que não estou surpreso?
A foto (retirada do site do jornal O Globo) que ilustra este post, de um jovem completamente desorientado na Quinta Avenida em NYC fazendo protesto contra a eleição de Trump, explica bem. Numa das mãos, ele segura um cartaz com a surrada frase-chavão da esquerdopatia: “o povo, unido, jamais será vencido”; na outra, um cartaz com uma frase do presidente (Republicano!) Theodore Roosevelt: “Patriotismo é ficar ao lado de seu país, não de seu presidente.”
Vejo que, neste momento, é hora de ficarmos ao lado dos EUA, sem nos importarmos com quem seja o presidente. É Trump? Que seja Trump. Fazer o quê? Manter os checks and balances “positivos e operantes”, de forma a não permitir qualquer deslize ou desatino do novo presidente. Só isso.
Hmmm… Vale lembrar que Teddy Roosevelt foi o mesmo que proferiu outra frase famosa, por sinal: “Fale manso, mas leve consigo um porrete bem grande. Você irá longe.”

I sincerely regret the troubled post-election days in the U.S., but I am not surprised.
During the campaign, I believed that Hillary Clinton — who seems to have her behind as dirty as Trump’s — was the lesser evil. I wanted her to win, I voted for her. She lost, and that’s the end of the (electoral) game. Trump will rule for the next 4 years and the Democrats will have to endure being in the opposition. And… why am I not surprised?
The picture above (borrowed from O Globo newspaper), that shows a completely disoriented young man on NYC’s Fifth Avenue demonstrating against Trump’s election, explains it well.
In one hand, he holds a poster with the leftists’s beaten cliché: “the people, united, will never be defeated”; the other hand holds a poster with words by (Republican!) Theodore Roosevelt: “Patriotism is standing by your country, not by your president.”
Therefore, it seems to me that right now is the perfect time to stand by the U.S., regardless of who the country’s president may be. Is it Trump? So be him, so be Trump. What to do? Maintain cheks and balances in full operation in order to avoid any foolishness, any misuse of power by the new president, that’s all.
Hmmm… It’s worth noting, by the way, that it was the same Teddy Roosevelt who said the famous words: “Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.”


Isto É o Brasil
This is Brazil

As notícias abaixo estão publicadas nas edições de hoje dos jornais Folha de S.Paulo e O Globo.
Leia com atenção os itens destacados. Veja quão esfarrapada é a desculpa usada por Rodrigo Janot para empurrar os crimes de Dilma Rousseff debaixo do tapete.
Para o Blog do Lessa este é o resumo da ópera: o procurador-geral parece estar com muita pressa de pagar suas dívidas com o demônio.


These reports were taken from today’s issues of Folha de S.Paulo and O Globo newspapers.
Read carefully the highlighted items. Notice how lame is the excuse given by Rodrigo Janot to defend his decision to push Dilma Rousseff’s crimes under the rug.
For The Lessa Blog, this is the bottom line: the federal prosecutor seems to be in a big hurry to pay his debts to the devil.


Petralhas, Quadrilha de Ladrões Escolados
Petralhas, a gang of skilled thieves

A edição desta semana da revista Época reproduz telegramas da embaixada brasileira em Cuba sobre o trabalho de Lula como lobista da Odebrecht. O desgoverno da rainha da Mandioca, é claro, tratou de classificar os telegramas como secretos, engavetando-os por 15 anos. Mas… foi obrigado a enviá-los ao Ministério Público Federal, que investiga o assunto. Um dos telegramas, em particular, revela com clareza como são escolados esses ladrões petralhas. Eles estão sempre à espreita, buscando as formas mais seguras de se manterem à sombra, longe dos holofotes, com o dinheiro roubado fora do alcance das autoridades e de quaisquer investigações. Veja esse telegrama, por exemplo. Ele enfatiza a necessidade de se manter o dinheiro roubado longe dos controles do OFAC — Office of Foreign Assets Control. Esse é um escritório do Departamento do Tesouro dos EUA que não brinca em serviço, como você poderá ver na descrição em inglês mais abaixo, tirada do site do Departamento do Tesouro. Se quiser ler mais a respeito do OFAC (em inglês), clique aqui.



This week’s issue of “Época” magazine shows telegrams from the Brazilian embassy in Cuba detailing former president Lula da Silva’s work as a lobbyist for Odebrecht. The Cassava Queen un-administration, of course, has classified those telegrams as “secret”, keeping them away from the public eye for fifteen years. However… the un-government has been forced to send them to the Federal Public Prosecutor, that is investigating the subject. One of the telegrams, shown above (in Brazilian Portuguese), clearly reveals how skilled those petralha thieves are. They are always on the lookout, searching  for ways to keep their activities and stolen money securely away from the law. The telegram above, for example, emphasizes the need to keep the stolen money away from OFAC’s interference. The Office of Foreign Assets Control is a branch of the Treasury Department that doesn’t mess around, as you can see from the description taken from the Treasury Department’s site and shown right below the telegram. If you want more information about OFAC, please click here.


Cinismo Sem Limites!…
Endless cynicism!…


Sem palavras… Essa mulher e sua gang têm que ir para o olho da rua imediatamente. (A manchete é do site da Folha de S.Paulo.)

In Brazilian Portuguese, no additional words are necessary to describe this obscene headline. However, for those who can’t understand well what’s going on in Brazil, here’s a summary of the obscenity: The un-government is trying to get a new tax (actually, an old tax back) in order to please politicians, give them plenty of money and thus reduce the overwhelming opposition in Congress. Since this “new” tax has less than zero chance of passing, the un-government is suggesting a “temporary” (two f***ing years!) tax. A former minister (Delfim Netto) has suggested to the vice-president a reduction of that term, to just one year. As this post’s headline states, this is a severe case of endless cynicism by those clinging desperately to power. It’s pathetic. The Lessa Blog believes this woman needs to be thrown out of office immediately. (This headline was picked from the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s site.)