É Só o Comecinho…
It’s Only Just Begun…

Easy, petista*
Triplex** / Villa / Odebrecht / Petrobras / BNDES (List of legal proceedings against former president Lula da Silva)
The pole has not gone in completely yet… 😉

*Workers Party member
**Lula has been convicted on the legal proceedings regarding the triplex apartment


Mississippi ou… Minissippi?
Mississippi, or… Minissippi?

O mapa mostra os estados americanos com maior interesse em aumento peniano. O Mississippi está em primeiro lugar. Em segundo, a Louisiana; em terceiro, Virginia Ocidental; em quarto lugar, está o Kentucky e em quinto, o Havaí.

Penis Enlargement Interest by US State. Top 5 searchers of penin enlargement: Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and Hawaii.


Lista de Afazeres
To-Do List

07:00 – Liquid crap
08:00 – Cold sweat
09:00 – Stuttering
10:00 – (Fecal & Urinary) Incontinence
11:00 – Dumping shit without control
12:00 – Changing diapers
13:00 – Nausea/vomiting
14:00 – Uncontrollable shaking
15:00 – High blood pressure
16:00 – Rivotril (benzodiazepine medication)
17:00 – Spasms
18:00 – Tachycardia
19:00 – Hospital check-in
20:00 – Defibrillator


François Guizot Já Dizia…
François Guizot Used to Say It…

“When politics penetrate in the Courts’ chambers, Justice leaves through some door.” (François Pierre Guillaume Guizot, 1787-1874)
“Countries whose constitutions allow politicians to hold special court privileges, while the same politicians are the ones who appoint judges for those same courts, are pigsties, madhouses legalizes as nations.” (Jose Marcio Castro Alves)