Taxa de Câmbio: US$1 a R$4,20 — Por Enquanto…
Exchange Rate: US$1 at R$4,20 and counting…


Se Deus Quiser!…
God willing!…


Com fé em Deus, iremos sobreviver ao último item da lista, também! 😉

+ Mango with milk
+ The millennium bug in the year 2000
+ The planetaly alignment in the year 2000
+ The return of the Devil on 06-06-06
+ Judgement Day on May 21, 2011
+ The Mayan prophecy on December 21, 2012
   Workers Party’s administration
With plenty of faith in God, we shall survive the last item on the list, too! 😉

Uma Piada Esfaqueada…
A joke stabbed…


O Blog do Lessa acredita que o Pixuleco nada mais é do que uma grande e muito bem bolada piada… e que, quando as pessoas começam a esfaquear piadas, é sinal de que tudo vai muito, muito mal, mesmo.

What angers a Workers Party militant?
Raising taxes
Country in a recession
  Cuts in FIES (Student financing programs), FGTS and PIS (workers’ benefits)
A 9 billion reais (some 3 billion dollars) Education budget cut
Embezzlement at Petrobras and BNDES
A 60% increase on the electricity bill
Unemployment and inflation
Lies during the electoral campain
Businesses and factories shutting down
Worsening the dollar-real exchange rate, raising public debt
Consecutive increases of the interest rates
Wrongful use of pension funds
A hole in general government accounts
+ “Pixuleco”, the inflatable doll

The Lessa Blog believes that the “Pixuleco”  is nothing more than a great, well-conceived joke… and that when people start to stab jokes, it’s because things are going in a VERY wrong direction.

Aqui! Os Moldes do Adesivo do Momento!…
Here! Templates for the sticker of the hour!…

Agora você pode mandar fazer adesivos do Pixuleko para colocar no carro, dar de presente aos amigos… Os moldes estão aqui!
Clique aqui ou nos thumbnails abaixo e você verá as imagens em tamanho natural.
Copie qualquer uma das imagens deste post (ou todas elas) num pen-drive, por exemplo e mande fazer os adesivos do tamanho que você quiser.

Now you can have Pixuleko stickers made to put on your car, give to your friends, whatever!… The templates are here!
Click here or on the thumbnails below and you’ll se the Pixuleko in its normal size.

Just copy one (or all) of the images displayed on this post and have the stickers made at your nearest print shop, in any size you want.

lula_inf1 lula_inf2