Resumo da Ópera…
Summing it Up…

O STF se prostitui, dá facada nas costas do povo e joga a Constituição e o País no esgoto.
Simples assim. Está bom pra você?

The Brazilian Supreme Court acted as a prostitute, stabbed the people on their backs and threw the Constitution in the sewer.
Simple as that. It that enough for you?
(The picture shows a new definition of the acronym STF: we’re all cowards.)

Nas Mídias Sociais…
On the Internet…

Former Brazilian House of Reps president (now jailed in Curitiba) is saying… “(expletive similar to I’ll be damned!) All I had to do was to tap my shoes and refuse to leave?” regarding the incredible Brazilian Supreme Court decision maintaining Renan Calheiros (a defendant at the STF) as president of Brazil’s Senate.
(source: Facebook, WhatsApp)

Uma Nova Definição
A New Definition

A voz do povo é a voz de Deus… O resultado que mantém Réunan Calheiros na presidência do Senado provocou reação imediata: em vez de Supremo Tribunal Federal, a sigla STF agora significa “Só Tem Frouxo.”

Vox populi, vox Dei… The decision made by Brazil’s Supreme Court (Brazilian acronym “STF”) maintaining Renan Calheiros (currently being tried at that court) as president of the Senate drew immediate reaction from the streets: instead of “Supremo Tribunal Federal” (Brazil’s Supreme Court), STF now stands for something that could be freely translated as “there are only cowards.”
The phrase “Tell STF that I stay!” is a joke dating back to Pedro I’s days, when he declared he would stay in Brazil, denying his return to Portugal.

Diferença na Informação
Difference in Information


The picture on top shows Cuban demonstrators turning their backs to Fidel’s coffin. This uncensored version is circulating in the social media and presents a larger number of demonstrators, all of them in focus.
The picture below, published by unabashedly leftist Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s online site, has been censored. It has been cropped to show less people, with those remaining completely out of focus.
None of the Brazilian TV networks showed this protest.