Lista Fechada – Meus 2 Centavos
Closed List – My 2 Cents


In this video I explain why the so called “closed list” is a very bad, very stupid idea to be adopted by the electoral system in Brazil. It’s just going to be one more imported idea that will not work mainly because Brazilians have a tendency to import just half of the ideas, distort them and then complain when they don’t work. This “closed list” is going to follow the same path.


A Sacada de Diego Casagrande
Diego Casagrande’s Take

Could anybody explain to me why so many people would want to live in the United States legally or ilegally when they don’t have CLT (consolidated labor laws) or Labor Courts, when they are not paid a “thirteenth salary” or don’t have paid maternity leave? How can one withstand a country where decisions about vacations, sick leave or national holidays are negotiated case by case between a company and its workers? Why so many people run the risk of dying in the desert, in the arid Mexican frontier and in the hands of the coyottes, if the U.S. does not have a SUS (unified health system) or a INSS (national welfare administration)? If in the U.S., workers need to have health insurance and save for an emergency? I want to understand how could the United States of America be the preferred country in the minds of all the planet’s immigrants if the country does not have free colleges, a country where families have to save for an entire life to see the dream of a diplomma come true?
Please help me understand how is it possible that so many Brazilians want to move to a country where the right to bear arms is guaranteed almost everywhere and people can even have rifles inside their homes to protect themselves? How can one feel safe in a nation that does not have a Disarmament Statute? Can anyone explain to me how can so many people want to move to a country where those who drink and drive spend a night in jail and, if they do it again, can be jailed for months or even years? A country where the corrupt get screwed? Please explain to me where is the logic in someone leaving a country that does not have life in prison or death penalty to live in another (in this case, the United States) where all this is a reality, not to mention chemical castration for rapists and pedophiles? How to live in a territory where minors can answer for their heinous crimes as adults? Tell me, how is it possible to live in a place where sheriffs, judges and prosecutors are elected by the community? How to live in a country where there is no job security for public servants, a place where anyone working in a town hall, for a state government or even for the federal government can be fired at will, even because of administrators’ strategic reasons?
It looks pretty difficult to understand why so many people in the world want to move to the United States. Actually, it it not. In the United States there are two magic words that must be followed by everyone: “freedom” and “responsibility”. Got it?

///”Critical Eye”, a column published on Metro Jornal Porto Alegre by Diego Casagrande, a professional journalist since 1993, anchor of “BandNews Porto Alegre First Edition at 9a.m.” and “Free Radio” talk show on Bandeirantes Radio, radio stations (94.9FM and 640AM) located in Porto Alegre, Brazil///

Modelo de Comportamento, Estilo Fazendão
Role Model, Brazilian Style

Este criminoso, goleiro profissional de nome Bruno, esteve envolvido na morte violenta de uma prostituta, mãe de um filho dele. A mulher foi assassinada e dada como alimento aos cachorros. Seu corpo jamais foi encontrado. Condenado a mais de 20 anos de prisão, Bruno não ficou nem seis anos preso. Solto, logo foi contratado por um time de futebol. Na foto, ele está no campo, dando autógrafos para crianças — que o vêem como um modelo a ser seguido. No Brasil, é claro. Afinal de contas, TIB — This is Brazil.

This is a criminal named Bruno. He is a professional goalkeeper (soccer) and was involved in the violent death of a prostitute, mother of one of his children. The woman was killed and fed to the dogs. Her body was never found. He was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison, but did not stay incarcerated for more than five. When freed, he soon signed a contract with a soccer team. The picture above shows him at the Boa Esporte soccer field, in Varginha, state of Minas Gerais, signing autographs to children who see him as a role model. In Brazil, of course. After all, TIB — This is Brazil.


A Vigarista Francesinha Ataca Novamente!…
Frenchie La Crook Strikes Again!…


A propósito do vídeo imediatamente anterior, aqui está o novo cartão de visitas da “professora” de Francês também conhecida como “Vigarista da Mandioca”.

By the way, the immediately preceding video led The Lessa Blog to freely advertise Dilma Rousseff’s (a.k.a. “the Yucca Swindler”) business card in her new capacity as a French teacher.

A Vigarista Francesinha
Frenchie La Crook


This video serves as a record of one more idiotic behavior displayed by former president Dilma Rousseff for the whole world to see. This time, she attempted to speak French in front of an incredulous Swiss audience (she can barely speak Brazilian Portuguese, her own language!). The stupidity of this woman knows no bounds!