Mistério Genético
Genetic Mystery

A pessoa da foto no topo é Herman Benjamin, corregedor-geral do TSE. Os cientistas tentam decifrar um mistério genético: investigam se ele é o resultado de um cruzamento feito secretamente com células obtidas de Elton John e de Luiza Erundina.

The person pictured at the top is Herman Benjamin, chief justice of Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court. Scientists have been trying to solve a genetic mystery. They are investigating if Justice Benjamin is the result of a crossbreeding secretly performed with cells obtained from Elton John (the famous singer/composer) and Luiza Erundina (an aging leftist Brazilian politician).


Éééééééééééé… O Tony!
Heeeeeere’s… Tony!

Can you see back there? That’s where they mix your chicken with cardboard.

(For those unfamiliar with “Braziliana”, Tony Ramos is a well-established soap-opera actor who was hired to become a spokesperson for Friboi, one of the plants involved in the “Weak Flesh” Federal Police operation. His authoritative/arrogant/downright unpleasant delivery of texts in the Friboi TV commercials about the company’s meat being “sooooo safe” has earned him several memes).