Direto do Século Treze
Straight from the Thirteenth Century

Anything besides what we need is poison. It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, fear, anger or whatever.
The non-acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept uncertainty, it becomes adventure.
The non-acceptance of the other’s well-being. If we accept it, we become inspired.
The non-acceptance of something that is beyond our control. If we accept it, it becomes tolerance.
The non-acceptance of people as they are. If we accept them unconditionally, then it becomes love.
                    JALAL AD-DIM MUHAMMAD RUMI
                   Persian Spiritual Master of the Thirteenth Century

Nossa Senhora da Câmara de Gás!
Our Lady of the Gas Chamber!

Please note the Brazilian youth’s deep level of ignorance — a direct result of the Lulla-Dilma years:
The poster was produced by 7th grade students in order to promote religious tolerance. It says:
“Religious intolerance is a crime! Respect diversity.”
Now… look at all the religious symbols displayed — especially one on the left… 🙁

O Fracasso de Domingo – Meus 2 Centavos
Sunday’s Failure – My 2 Cents


In this video, I try to emphasize the need for a change in the way organizers are planning demonstrations all over Brazil against the rotten politicians who keep playing dirty trick on us all the time. It’s not good enough to set a demonstration two months ahead of time. Things must happen on the spot, or shortly thereafter. As long this does not change, the popular reaction will dwindle and end up ceasing to exist altogether — which is everything the corrupt politicians in Brazil are dreaming of.

Assinado: Ninguém
Signed: No One

O trabalhador americano vive melhor, produz quatro vezes mais que o trabalhador brasileiro, e tudo isso sem os benefícios que o trabalhador brasileiro dispõe.

The American worker lives better, produces four times more than the Brazilian worker without all the benefits extended to the Brazilian worker.
(Picture): “I don’t have FGTS, INSS, paid vacation and a monthly minimum salary. I think I will move to Brazil to have my worker’s rights guaranteed.” (Signed: No One)

Todos os Caminhos Levam a Roma…
All Roads Lead to Rome…

How to defend one single ideology in different ways without losing hegemony
(Drawing representing all variations of communism embedded in Brazilian political parties)
All play their part according to “Il Gramscismo”: “Divide schedules, create a false oppostition, propose closed ideological debates, spread the ideas, recruit and train activists, lie about statistics, occupy the media, schools and universities.”
The Lessa Blog regrets to see this going on in full force in Brazil.

Um Retrato do Brasil
A Portrait of Brazil

Acid in the meat. Cardboard in the chicken. Pork head in the sausage. Baking soda in the milk. Corn in the beer. Poison in vegetables. Cancer in the body. Flour in the pills. Thieves in politics. Lies in political campaigns and s**t in the voter’s mind. This is a portrait of Brazil.