A Sacada de Percy Castanho, Jr.
Percy Castanho, Jr.’s Take

Enviei hoje o seguinte e-mail ao ministro Gilmar Mendes:

“Parabéns, Ministro.
Vossa Excelência está conseguindo nivelar a credibilidade da Justiça à credibilidade dos políticos…
Suas referências a Curitiba e a não se curvar diante dos “meninos” da Procuradoria durante o julgamento do HC de Dirceu não escondem seus sentimentos e mostram claramente que interpretações da lei podem ser feitas usando outras partes do corpo que não o cérebro…
Percy Castanho Jr.”

Envie você também um e-mail para ele – mgilmar@stf.jus.br

Today, I have sent the following e-mail message to Justice Gilmar Mendes:

“Congratulations, Justice Mendes.
Your Excellency is succeeding in reducing the Judiciary’s credibility to the politicians’ credibility…
Your speech regarding Curitiba and not submitting to the “boys” of the prosecutor’s office during Jose Dirceu’s habeas corpus trial do not hide your feelings. It clearly shows that interpretations of the law can be obtained through the use of body parts other than the brain…
Percy Castanho, Jr.”

Send one e-mail message to him, too — mgilmar@stf.jus.br


Proteção Garantida…
Guaranteed Protection…

The dog in the pictures is one of the Brazilian “supreme court” justices, who has just freed these two criminals. In Mr. Eike Batista’s case, it was even worse, because the justice’s wife works for the attorneys who represent Mr. (Eike) Batista. The “supreme court” justice had an obligation, by law, to declare himself completely unable to offer any judgement on that case. Mr. Jose Dirceu’s case is a shame. Convicted of several crimes in a 32-year sentence, he now can walk free again and continue to act criminally while the Car Wash investigation starts to go down the drain.

(Source: the internet)


A Horripilante Lista Fechada
The Horrifying Closed List


This is a skit on the so-called “closed list”, a new dirty trick being proposed by Brazil’s corrupt politicians to perpetuate themselves in power. The waiter informs the client at the restaurant that they no longer have a menu. The client chooses a restaurant, but the food is supplied by the owner regardless of the client’s taste. Linking it or not, the client has to pay for the food. And it doesn’t matter if the person gives up eating at a restaurant and now wants to eat at home — he/she will have to keep paying a fee to support the restaurants. It is a similar situation to what happens nowadays in Brazil’s politics.


Momento Pré-Greve – Meus 2 Centavos
A Pre-Strike Moment – My 2 Cents


In this video I talk about the absurdity of a strike orchestrated by a union intimately linked to the criminals of the Workers Party — especially the Master Thief, Lulla da Silva,, trying to disrupt the constitutional (popular or unpopular? It’s another entirely different question) government of Michel Temer. I stress the fact that Temer and his group are not to be trusted by any means, and that everyone must place the Planalto Palace occupants under an electronic microscope 24/7. This is the only way to get out of this political mess Brazil has gotten itself into.