Um Testemunho Sofrido
A Painful Testimony


This unnamed worker says he has been working since he was 14 years old. Now he is 44, having worked from Monday to Saturday starting at 4 a.m. He says he went to check his retirement status and was informed that is the current retirement/welfare plan is approved, he will have to work — hard — for another twenty years. Attention: graphic language.
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A Verdade Por Trás da Reforma da Previdência
The Truth Behind the Brazilian Welfare Reform


This congressman, a representative from Ceará state (Northeastern Brazil), explains that companies and banks owe almost 500 billion reais (170 billion dollars) to the Brazilian welfare/retirement system. None of the administrations, including the current one, have ever tried to make these companies pay. Now, the Temer administration has decided that the people are going to fill this huge hole, paying the bill. That is absolutely unacceptable, and the Lessa Blog agrees with him. Welfare/Retirement reform? Yes. This welfare/retirement reform? NO!



Exclusivo! Descoberto 11º Mandamento!
Exclusive! 11th Commandment Discovered!

Numa expedição à Terra Santa, a arqueóloga brasileira Adriana Marcondes protagonizou uma descoberta impressionante: o décimo primeiro mandamento gravado na pedra aparentemente quebrada por Moisés quando ele desceu da montanha! Devidamente traduzido, o décimo primeiro mandamento diz: “Brasileiro, Não te Aposentarás.”

During an expedition to the Holy Land, Brazilian archaeologist Adriana Marcondes was responsible for an impressive discovery: the eleventh commandment, lost in a piece of stone apparently broken when Moses was coming down the mountain! After the difficult translation process took place, the resulting text says: “Brazilians, You Shall Not Retire.”