Um Retrato do Brasil
A Portrait of Brazil

Acid in the meat. Cardboard in the chicken. Pork head in the sausage. Baking soda in the milk. Corn in the beer. Poison in vegetables. Cancer in the body. Flour in the pills. Thieves in politics. Lies in political campaigns and s**t in the voter’s mind. This is a portrait of Brazil.

Éééééééééééé… O Tony!
Heeeeeere’s… Tony!

Can you see back there? That’s where they mix your chicken with cardboard.

(For those unfamiliar with “Braziliana”, Tony Ramos is a well-established soap-opera actor who was hired to become a spokesperson for Friboi, one of the plants involved in the “Weak Flesh” Federal Police operation. His authoritative/arrogant/downright unpleasant delivery of texts in the Friboi TV commercials about the company’s meat being “sooooo safe” has earned him several memes).