Momento Pré-Greve – Meus 2 Centavos
A Pre-Strike Moment – My 2 Cents


In this video I talk about the absurdity of a strike orchestrated by a union intimately linked to the criminals of the Workers Party — especially the Master Thief, Lulla da Silva,, trying to disrupt the constitutional (popular or unpopular? It’s another entirely different question) government of Michel Temer. I stress the fact that Temer and his group are not to be trusted by any means, and that everyone must place the Planalto Palace occupants under an electronic microscope 24/7. This is the only way to get out of this political mess Brazil has gotten itself into.

A Vigarista Francesinha Ataca Novamente!…
Frenchie La Crook Strikes Again!…


A propósito do vídeo imediatamente anterior, aqui está o novo cartão de visitas da “professora” de Francês também conhecida como “Vigarista da Mandioca”.

By the way, the immediately preceding video led The Lessa Blog to freely advertise Dilma Rousseff’s (a.k.a. “the Yucca Swindler”) business card in her new capacity as a French teacher.

A Vigarista Francesinha
Frenchie La Crook


This video serves as a record of one more idiotic behavior displayed by former president Dilma Rousseff for the whole world to see. This time, she attempted to speak French in front of an incredulous Swiss audience (she can barely speak Brazilian Portuguese, her own language!). The stupidity of this woman knows no bounds!

Você Conhece Estes Indivíduos?
Do You Recognize These People?

Eles foram fotografados em São Paulo abastecendo o avião do ministro Teori Zavascki no dia do acidente fatal. Qualquer informação deve ser repassada às autoridades policiais.

These two were photographed in Sao Paulo refueling the airplane that took Justice Zavascki to his death in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro later that same day. Any information should be given to the authorities.

Tomara que “O Antagonista” Esteja Certo!
Let’s Hope “The Antagonist” is Right!

O post abaixo foi publicado no excelente site O Antagonista. O Blog do Lessa torce para que a notícia seja confirmada em breve, e que vejamos essa dupla criminosa atrás das grades logo, logo.

The post above has been published by the well-informed Brazilian site “O Antagonista” (The Antagonist). The Lessa Blog fervently wishes this information is confirmed soon in order to have this criminal duo behind bars as early as possible.
It reads: “The U.S. will call for the imprisonment of Lula and Dilma” — Officials from the United States are going to ask that “Brazilian Official 1” and “Brazilian Official 2″ be jailed. Lula and Dilma Rousseff are finished.”

Laerte Rímoli e a Fraqueza do PT
Laerte Rimoli and the Workers Party’s weakness

Laerte_RimoliO governo corrupto do PT, da Dilma e do Lula não tem força nem para enfrentar a imprensa e fazer um balanço da manifestação. E o dinheiro para os blogs oficiais está sumindo. Como fazer, ministro Edinho Silva?

The corrupt government of the Workers Party, Dilma and Lula does not have any strength to face the press and present an evaluation of the protests. Meanwhile, the money for the official blogs is disappearing. What should be done, minister Edinho Silva?

Laerte Rímoli e a Indignação Seletiva
Laerte Rimoli on selective outrage

Laerte_RimoliComovente a indignação seletiva dos meus amigos petistas. Eles têm nojo dos roubos da era FHC. Mas aplaudem, com entusiasmo, a corrupção patrocinada por Lula, Dilma e o PT. E brigam pela manutenção da gangue no poder.

The selective outrage of my friends from the Workers Party is very touching. They abhor the thefts occurred during the FHC era, but they cheer enthusiastically the corruption sponsored by Lula, Dilma and the PT. And they fight to maintain the gang in power.