Na Imprensa e nas Mídias Sociais
On the Press and Social Media

This is just an example of the reaction on social media regarding recent criminal actions taken by the Brazilian “supreme court”.


Proteção Garantida…
Guaranteed Protection…

The dog in the pictures is one of the Brazilian “supreme court” justices, who has just freed these two criminals. In Mr. Eike Batista’s case, it was even worse, because the justice’s wife works for the attorneys who represent Mr. (Eike) Batista. The “supreme court” justice had an obligation, by law, to declare himself completely unable to offer any judgement on that case. Mr. Jose Dirceu’s case is a shame. Convicted of several crimes in a 32-year sentence, he now can walk free again and continue to act criminally while the Car Wash investigation starts to go down the drain.

(Source: the internet)


Estudar, Sempre!
To Learn, Always!

Today, Eike Batista has taught us the importance of higher education.
(Explaining: people with higher education (college grads, etc) get better jail cells which, incidentally, is not Eike Batista’s case because he never finished college.)


Apenas Um Empresário Bolivariano…
Just a Bolivarian Businessman…

Eike Batista, o Lex Luthor brasileiro, tinha grana para implante, interlace, o escambau, mas tinha tara por peruca. Isso denota um sujeito de altíssima periculosidade. (LCC/PS)

Eike Batista, Brazil’s Lex Luthor, has plenty of dough for implants, interlace, the works, but he his fetish was toupees. This shows that he is a highly dangerous individual. (LCC/PS)


Olho Vivo!…
Wise Up!…

“I think this mix of the State with the private sector is healthy.” Eike Batista, Brazil’s richest man

“Whenever someone starts talking about ‘fair competition’ or indeed, about ‘fairness’ in general, it is time to keep a sharp eye on your wallet, for it is about to be picked.” Murray Rothbard, economist