Formação de Equipe
Team Formation


The team is good… the goalie is a killer!
(Fot those who didn’t get it, the guy in orange — the goalie — has been convicted of killing his girlfriend, chopping her up and feeding the dogs with her body parts. Two of the others at his immediate right are former governors of the state of Rio de Janeiro.)

Da Série “Os Gênios da Pintura” – 1
From the “Geniuses of Painting” Series – 1


Foi descoberta no Brasil uma pintura inédita do pintor italiano Caravaggio. A obra, até então desconhecida, tem o título “Grido di un bambino” (em Português,
“Choro de um Garotinho”)

It was recently discovered in Brazil a work by Italian artist Caravaggio. The picture, hidden until now, is titled “Grido di un bambino” (in English, “A Little Boy’s Cry”).