João Dória & Michel Temer – Meus 2 Centavos
Joao Doria & Michel Temer – My 2 Cents


In this video, I talk about the absurdity of wasting someone like Joao Doria, current mayor of Sao Paulo, as a viable presidential candidate, and also discuss the lack of drive on the part of the current president, Michel Temer — a man incapable of coming with something new, something bold, something that could make him a president to be remembered.

A Petralhada Não Descansa…
The “Petralhas”* Won’t Give Up…

2017 has barely begun… and the Workers Party militants are feeling more outraged with Sao Paulo’s mayor Joao Doria dressing up as a street sweeper than with Minas Gerais’ governor Fernando Pimentel, from the Workers Party (of course!), being caugh on video while picking up his drunken son at a party using a government helicopter.
*”Petralha” is a derogative word widely used to describe any member of the Workers Party. It combines the words “petista” and “metralha”. The first is the usual description of a PT (Workers Party) member; the second relates to Disney characters Beagle Boys, or “Irmãos Metralha” in Brazilian Portuguese.