Momento Pré-Greve – Meus 2 Centavos
A Pre-Strike Moment – My 2 Cents


In this video I talk about the absurdity of a strike orchestrated by a union intimately linked to the criminals of the Workers Party — especially the Master Thief, Lulla da Silva,, trying to disrupt the constitutional (popular or unpopular? It’s another entirely different question) government of Michel Temer. I stress the fact that Temer and his group are not to be trusted by any means, and that everyone must place the Planalto Palace occupants under an electronic microscope 24/7. This is the only way to get out of this political mess Brazil has gotten itself into.

Acorda, Presidente Michel Temer!
Wake Up, President Michel Temer!


This video-commentary is a very serious wake-up call to president Michel Temer. His administration seems to be on the brink of disaster, and he does not seem to be doing anything whatsoever to save it. He has no new plans, no bold initiatives, no nothing — and still wants to penalize the hard-working population in a crooked welfare reform. People are fed up with what is going on. Nobody wants the return of the criminals from the Workers Party — far from it!!! — but Michel Temer must do something to tend to the needs of the people. The main portion of this commentary was written by journalist Silvana Destro, from Sao Paulo, right after a pathetic exclusive interview given by Michel Temer to a Brazilian TV network (Bandeirantes). Just this afternoon (April 18) Congress was invaded by… police! Officers from all over Brazil came to protest against the welfare reform plans that are being discussed by congressmen. The situation will continue to escalate, unless president Temer decides to engage the public opinion and offer new, sound, sustainable alternatives.

João Dória & Michel Temer – Meus 2 Centavos
Joao Doria & Michel Temer – My 2 Cents


In this video, I talk about the absurdity of wasting someone like Joao Doria, current mayor of Sao Paulo, as a viable presidential candidate, and also discuss the lack of drive on the part of the current president, Michel Temer — a man incapable of coming with something new, something bold, something that could make him a president to be remembered.

Só a Marcela Sabe…
Only Marcela Knows…


Once again, Michel Temer’s mishaps have generated a funny reaction from the media. This time, based on his “macho-chauvinist” speech regarding the International Women’s Day, a Brasilia-based news site ( has created an ad where the announcer (a male) does not know any sale prices, “but Marcela (Temer’s wife) knows”. In a very old-fashioned style, she announces the prices in cruzeiros, a currency not used in Brazil since the Sixties. If you understand Brazilian Portuguese and have been following Michel Temer’s latest adventures, you will have a ball with this one. 😉

De Volta ao Presente
Back to the Present

O GLOBO – Monday, May 19, 1997
Hush-Hush Operation
It was enough for president Fernando Henrique Cardoso to give the Transportation and Justice ministries to Eliseu Padilha and Iris Rezende and the PMDB politicians made peace with the government. House of Reps president Michel Temer (PMDB-Sao Paulo), Eliseu Padilha and the PMDB leader in the House, Geddel Vieira Lima (Bahia), closed a deal during the weekend to suppress the scandal about votes being bought during the re-election (amendment) vote.

Crie o Diálogo Para Esta Foto!
Create a Dialogue for This Picture!

(Crédito/Credit: Dida Sampaio/AE)

O Blog do Lessa quer a sua participação! Na foto acima, Alexandre de Morais, indicado pelo presidente Michel Temer para um assento no Supremo Tribunal Federal, pisca de maneira muito suspeita durante a audiência da Comissão de Constituição e Justiça para o senador Edson Lobão, figurinha carimbada, com um pé na cadeia. O que os dois estariam armando?

The Lessa Blog wants your help! The picture above shows Alexandre de Morais, president Michel Temer’s choice for a seat in the Brazilian Supreme Court, blinking very suspiciously during his Senate confirmation hearings to a certified crook, Constitution and Justice Commission’s President Edson Lobão, who’s almost ready to go to jail. What would they be setting up?

Reflexões Sobre o Momento Político…
A Few Thoughts on the Political Moment…

This video was posted live on Facebook and is being shared here. Essentially, I say that when it appears that president Michel Temer’s closest associates are (finally) starting to leave the administration, based on the accusations surfaced during plea bargaining on the Car Wash scandal, it is necessary for Temer to realize he does not have the luxury of time to waste. These departures should have happened (or be happening) long ago.
I start with a disclaimer: I did not vote for Michel Temer, but I believe he is the legal, legitimate man on the job who needs all our support to put Brazil back on track. Secondly, I don’t have any pet criminals. I cherish my political independence, and thus I think that anyone who sits on that chair or is around the president must be under an electronic microscope at all times, period.
I also say that Michel Temer should be acting decisively, as opposed to what he has been pathetically doing so regularly. He knows he needs Congress’ support to have his agenda implemented, but he also must know he can’s overstep that fine line that divides political maneuvering and politicking. That has very definite reason, something completely forgotten by everyone involved in this political cleansing process of late: Michel Temer cannot  be just honest; he has to give every appearance of honesty to everyone. Therefore, if any member of his cabinet is involved in serious accusations, he/she must leave the administration, take care of his defense outside the government and then — and only then, come back, if it is the case.
The way things have been conducted by this administration regarding maintaining the appearance of seriousness of business has been completely flawed and is leaving everybody worried about the chances that Michel Temer may not have enough political fuel to arrive at the end of the race in 2018.

Carta-Renúncia Estaria Pronta
Resignation letter would be ready

O normalmente bem informado site Diário do Poder, do jornalista Claudio Humberto, está noticiando que a carta-renúncia de Dilma Rousseff já estaria pronta. Segundo o site, “Apesar de ter declarado que ‘suporta a pressão’, a presidente Dilma já teria preparado uma carta-renúncia. Fontes do Palácio do Planalto garantem que a redação da carta não foi um ato solitário, como é comum nesses casos: Dilma teria contado com a ajuda de dois dos seus ministros mais próximos, Aloizio Mercadante (Casa Civil) e José Eduardo Cardozo (Justiça), apesar de ambos serem contrários à ideia. Confirmada a renúncia de Dilma, o vice-presidente Michel Temer (PMDB) assumiria imediatamente o comando do Executivo.”
O Blog do Lessa acredita na veracidade da notícia por entender que Dilma simplesmente não tem mais saída. O Blog do Lessa espera que ela apresente essa carta o mais cedo possível, para desespero dos esquerdopatas empedernidos que se recusam a acreditar no melancólico fim do governo petralha de pseudo-esquerda, por pior que ele seja.


Journalist Claudio Humberto’s usually well-informed site “Power Daily” is reporting that Dilma Rousseff already has a resignation letter ready. According to the site, “although she has declared ‘she can handle the pressure’, president Dilma would have a resignation letter prepared. Sources at the Planalto Palace say that the letter was not written solely by Dilma, as it would be normally done. She would have been helped by two of her closest ministers, Aloizio Mercadante (Chief of Staff) and Jose Eduardo Cardozo (Justice), although both have expressed their opposition to the idea. Once confirmed Dilma’s resignation, vice-president Michel Temer (PMDB) would take over the command of the Executive branch.”
The Lessa Blog believes in the veracity of this information because it understands that Dilma simply has no way to go. The Lessa Blog looks forward to her presenting this letter as soon as possible, for the despair of those “rock-solid pseudo-leftists” that refuse to believe in a melancholic end to the pseudo-leftist petralha government, no matter how bad it can be.