Reflexões Sobre o Momento Político…
A Few Thoughts on the Political Moment…

This video was posted live on Facebook and is being shared here. Essentially, I say that when it appears that president Michel Temer’s closest associates are (finally) starting to leave the administration, based on the accusations surfaced during plea bargaining on the Car Wash scandal, it is necessary for Temer to realize he does not have the luxury of time to waste. These departures should have happened (or be happening) long ago.
I start with a disclaimer: I did not vote for Michel Temer, but I believe he is the legal, legitimate man on the job who needs all our support to put Brazil back on track. Secondly, I don’t have any pet criminals. I cherish my political independence, and thus I think that anyone who sits on that chair or is around the president must be under an electronic microscope at all times, period.
I also say that Michel Temer should be acting decisively, as opposed to what he has been pathetically doing so regularly. He knows he needs Congress’ support to have his agenda implemented, but he also must know he can’s overstep that fine line that divides political maneuvering and politicking. That has very definite reason, something completely forgotten by everyone involved in this political cleansing process of late: Michel Temer cannot  be just honest; he has to give every appearance of honesty to everyone. Therefore, if any member of his cabinet is involved in serious accusations, he/she must leave the administration, take care of his defense outside the government and then — and only then, come back, if it is the case.
The way things have been conducted by this administration regarding maintaining the appearance of seriousness of business has been completely flawed and is leaving everybody worried about the chances that Michel Temer may not have enough political fuel to arrive at the end of the race in 2018.

A Mídia e os Bastidores da Política…
The Brazilian media on backstage politics…

A coluna Painel, da Folha de S.Paulo, publica hoje que “ministros do STF e o Palácio do Planalto reagiram com perplexidade diante da abertura da ação de cassação de mandato contra Dilma Rousseff pelo TSE. Ministros do Supremo que não atuam na Justiça Eleitoral avaliaram que a fragilidade política de Dilma é “sem precedentes.” A cozinha do governo foi pega de surpresa com a maioria pró-investigação, apesar de a ministra Luciana Lóssio ter pedido vista — prazo com o qual auxiliares da presidente contavam.” As primeiras providências na ação “devem ser solicitar material da Operação Lava Jato, de onde os ministros acreditam que podem vir provas de crimes eleitorais da petista.”

Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s “Painel” column informs today that “the Brazilian Supreme Court justices and the Planalto Palace were puzzled by the opening of cassation* proceedings against Dilma Rousseff’s term in the TSE (Brazilian acronym for Superior Electoral Court). Brazilian Supreme Court justices who are not active in the electoral court have concluded that Dilma Rousseff’s political fragility is “unprecedented”. Government aides were surprised by the pro-investigation majority, although justice Luciana Lossio had requested to examine the paperwork — an extra time they were counting on.” The first steps in the proceedings “should be requesting material from the Car Wash Operation. That is where justices believe that proof of Dilma’s electoral crimes may come from.”
*Yeah, the word may seem strange, but it is the technical term for what’s going on. It is not a repeal, it is not an annulment, it is not an abrogation, it is not a cancellation. It is, indeed, a cassation.

A Mídia e os Bastidores da Política…(2)
The Brazilian media on backstage politics…(2)

A nota é do site O Antagonista: “Quem melou os planos de Dilma —
Dilma Rousseff, segundo a Folha de S. Paulo, “foi pega de surpresa” pelo TSE.
Ela “contava” com o pedido de vista da ministra Luciana Lóssio para conseguir barrar as investigações sobre o dinheiro sujo de sua campanha.
Luciana Lóssio, que fez carreira como advogada eleitoral de Dilma Rousseff e foi posta no TSE exatamente para isso, obedeceu às ordens do Palácio do Planalto e interrompeu o julgamento.
O que melou os planos do governo foi o pedido do ministro Henrique Neves para antecipar seu voto.
O entorno de Dilma Rousseff, “enfurecido”, passou a atacar Henrique Neves, “lembrando que, há pouco tempo, o ministro estava em campanha ostensiva para ser reconduzido ao TSE”.

This was published by “O Antagonista” site: “Who frustrated Dilma’s plans —
Dilma Rousseff, according to the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, “was caught by surprise” by the TSE (The Lessa Blog’s note: “TSE” is the Brazilian Portuguese acronym for Superior Electoral Court, a useless institution exclusively designed to spend taxpayer’s money).
She “counted on” Justice Luciana Lossio’s request to examine the documents in order to halt the investigations related to her campaign’s use of dirty money.
Luciana Lossio, a career electoral attorney who worked for Dilma Rousseff and was placed in the TSE exactly to do that, obeyed the Planalto Palace’s orders and halted the trial.
What frustrated the government’s plans was the request by Justice Henrique Neves to anticipate his vote.
Dilma’s surroundings became “irate” and started to attack Neves, “recalling that not too long ago he was in an explicit campaign to be reassigned to the TSE.”

Marcio Accioly e o Brasil
Marcio Accioly on Brazil

marcio_acciolyImpossível saída
A chamada “grande imprensa,” reunindo Folha de S. Paulo, Globo, etc., resolveu discutir o número de pessoas presentes nas manifestações, para saber se merecem crédito ou não. Ninguém faz nada. Milhões e milhões de pessoas vão às ruas, pedindo o impeachment da presidente e o fim da corrupção, mas o que se discute nos altos escalões é se os atuais protestos estão reunindo mais gente do que os anteriores.
O que desejam, afinal, os quadrilheiros do PT? Que se invada o Palácio do Planalto e se arranque Dilma de lá? O recado está mais do que dado. Todos sabem que a presidente, de quem se começa a duvidar seriamente a respeito da saúde mental, é cúmplice de ladrões, tolerante com a roubalheira, despreparada e que não consegue mais se deslocar sem ser vaiada nem é ouvida quando se propõe a falar pela televisão.
Quem desenha o cenário de mando político, dentro de um sistema como o nosso, é a economia. E a nossa se encontra inteiramente desorganizada, dependente do consumo exacerbado de bens de consumo e de automóveis que entopem as estradas, paralisando as cidades. Some-se a isso a corrupção generalizada, drenando todos os recursos financeiros disponíveis e irá se compreender o caos.
Mas ainda tem mais: a crise ambiental, sobre a qual ninguém fala, anunciando a falta de água e iminente colapso energético. O Brasil parece caminhar para uma ditadura. Vai ser impossível organizar sociedade tão desarrumada, onde o sistema educacional faliu, as instituições demonstram enorme fragilidade e as emissoras de televisão despejam pornografia o dia inteiro, banalizando canalhice e bandalheira.

An impossible way out
The so-called “mainstream media” (“Folha de S.Paulo”, “O Globo” etc) has decided to debate the number of people attending the demonstrations to determine if they deserve credit or not. No one does anything. Millions and millions get to the streets and ask for the president’s impeachment and the end of corruption, but what’s being discussed at the top is if the current wave of protests is gathering more people than the previous ones.
What do the Workers Party gang members wish? That the Planalto Palace is invaded and that Dilma is sacked from there? The message has been given, crystal clear. Everybody knows that the president (of whom serious doubts have been raised about her mental health) is an accomplice to thieves, is tolerant with the stealing, is unprepared and cannot move around without being booed, being unable to communicate even when she tries to deliver a speech on TV.
The economy is the designer of the political scene in a system like ours. Our economy is completely disorganized, dependent of a high level of consumption of consumer goods and automobiles that clog the roads, paralyzing the cities. Add the generalized corruption that drains all available financial resources to that picture and one will be able to understand the chaos.
But there’s more: the environmental crisis — that no one talks about, revealing the imminent lack of water and energy collapse. Brazil seems to be moving towards a dictatorship. It will be impossible to organize such a disorganized society where the educational system has failed, the institutions demonstrate an enormous weakness and the television networks dump pornography all day long, vulgarizing dishonor and indecency.

O Encontro da Fome com a Falta de Comida
Hunger meets lack of food

Segundo a InfoMoney, pode sair hoje mais um acordo para aumentar impostos no Palácio do Planalto. A presidente ser reúne com os governadores. Ela quer apoio para evitar o andamento de um processo de impeachment. Os governadores não querem se comprometer e querem dinheiro. O “pacto da governabilidade” pode virar um acerto para aumentar as arrecadações federais e estaduais. A reunião da presidente Dilma Roussef hoje com os 26 governadores de Estado mais o executivo do Distrito Federal tem tudo para se transformar num diálogo de surdos e virar apenas uma fotografia na parede ser postada no Palácio do Planalto e nos palácios das capitais.

According to InfoMoney, there could be another arrangement seeking higher taxes after a meeting at the Planalto Palace today. President Dilma Rousseff is going to meet state governors. She wants to avoid the advancement of an impeachment process. The governors don’t want any compromise, they just want money. The so-called “governance pact” could become an arrangement to increase the federal and state taxes. The president’s meeting with the twenty-six state governors and the Federal District executive has all the ingredients to become a dialogue of deaf people and turn out to be just a picture posted on the wall of the Planalto Palace and the state governments’ headquarters.