O Manual da Gentileza
The Kindness Manual

The Kindness Manual — A Daily Guide

CONTRIBUTE with actions that can change the world
HEAR what others have to say
CHANGE your way of looking at things
FEEL how kindness generates good moments
WISH everyone a good day
DO small good deeds in your routine
LOOK at the other’s eyes when you talk
SMILE always
RESPECT each other’s needs

(Source: Spiritism Today)


LULA NA CADEIA – As Manchetes!
LULA IN JAIL – The Headlines

Estas são algumas das manchetes que o Blog do Lessa aguarda há vários anos. Demoraram, mas chegaram!

These are some of the headlines the Lessa Blog has been waiting for so many years. It’s been a long time coming!


É Só o Comecinho…
It’s Only Just Begun…

Easy, petista*
Triplex** / Villa / Odebrecht / Petrobras / BNDES (List of legal proceedings against former president Lula da Silva)
The pole has not gone in completely yet… 😉

*Workers Party member
**Lula has been convicted on the legal proceedings regarding the triplex apartment


Mississippi ou… Minissippi?
Mississippi, or… Minissippi?

O mapa mostra os estados americanos com maior interesse em aumento peniano. O Mississippi está em primeiro lugar. Em segundo, a Louisiana; em terceiro, Virginia Ocidental; em quarto lugar, está o Kentucky e em quinto, o Havaí.

Penis Enlargement Interest by US State. Top 5 searchers of penin enlargement: Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and Hawaii.


Lista de Afazeres
To-Do List

07:00 – Liquid crap
08:00 – Cold sweat
09:00 – Stuttering
10:00 – (Fecal & Urinary) Incontinence
11:00 – Dumping shit without control
12:00 – Changing diapers
13:00 – Nausea/vomiting
14:00 – Uncontrollable shaking
15:00 – High blood pressure
16:00 – Rivotril (benzodiazepine medication)
17:00 – Spasms
18:00 – Tachycardia
19:00 – Hospital check-in
20:00 – Defibrillator