Mistério Genético
Genetic Mystery

A pessoa da foto no topo é Herman Benjamin, corregedor-geral do TSE. Os cientistas tentam decifrar um mistério genético: investigam se ele é o resultado de um cruzamento feito secretamente com células obtidas de Elton John e de Luiza Erundina.

The person pictured at the top is Herman Benjamin, chief justice of Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court. Scientists have been trying to solve a genetic mystery. They are investigating if Justice Benjamin is the result of a crossbreeding secretly performed with cells obtained from Elton John (the famous singer/composer) and Luiza Erundina (an aging leftist Brazilian politician).


Fim de Linha
End of the Line

•The first inquiry is about payments of bribes to the criminal organization headed by Lula da Silva.
•The second inquiry deals with payments of bribes disguised as fraudulent lectures, reform/upgrade of the Atibaia home and the acquisition of a building where the Lula Institute is located.
•The third inquiry deals with the 4 million reais sent to the Lula Institute by the Odebrecht’s Bribe Department.
•The fourth inquiry deals with payment of bribes to Frei Chico, Lula’s brother.
•The fifth inquiry is about Lula’s work as Odebrecht’s lobbyist, dealing with Dilma Rousseff. He tried to benefit Odebrecht in the construction of Jirau hydroelectric plant.
•The sixth inquiry deals with payment of bribe to the Haddad campaign and payment to Joao Santana in exchange for “legislative measures” favorable to Odebrecht.
•The seventh inquiry is about the robbery against Sete Brasil (a company) with a 1% “toll” of bribes on top of all contracts to irrigate the Workers Party finances.
•The eighth inquiry deals with the Car Wash (Lava Jato) obstruction attempts through the approval of MP 703.
•The ninth inquiry is about the 3 million reais paid to Carta Capital magazine by the Odebrecht’s Bribe Department.
•What now, Lula? Emilio Odebrecht has told the authorities that the payment of lectures was a disguise for bribes.

(Fonte/Source: VemPraRua.net)