LULA NA CADEIA – As Manchetes!
LULA IN JAIL – The Headlines

Estas são algumas das manchetes que o Blog do Lessa aguarda há vários anos. Demoraram, mas chegaram!

These are some of the headlines the Lessa Blog has been waiting for so many years. It’s been a long time coming!


Publicado em “O Antagonista”
Published by “The Antagonist”

O Blog do Lessa assina embaixo.

The text above lists the major wrongdoings of the Workers Party along the years and clearly shows who is trying to misguide and sabotage the country’s affairs. The Lessa Blog wholeheartedly agrees with those terms. Use this as an exercise in Brazilian Portuguese, so you can improve your translation skills.


STF x Lula – O Dia Seguinte
Brazilian Supreme Court x Lula – The Day After

Quais as perscpectivas (e piadas) que brotam a partir da decisão do STF de permitir a prisão do canalha cachaceiro de Atibaia? É o que mostra o vídeo.

What are the perspectives (and jokes) that have come up since the Brazilian Supreme Court decision to allow former president Lula’s arrest? That’s what this video shows. Good for practicing your Brazilian Portuguese language skills!