A Manifestação por Aécio
Demonstration in Sao Paulo for Aecio Neves

Flagrante da manifestação na Avenida Paulista, em São Paulo, realizada por conservadores, coxinhas e membros da zelite quando foi anunciado que Aécio Neves se tornou réu no Supremo Tribunal Federal.

Snapshot of Avenida Paulista, in Sao Paulo, during demonstration by conservatives and members of the oppressive elite when it was announced that senator Aecio Neves became a defendant at the Brazilian Supreme Court.


O Manual da Gentileza
The Kindness Manual

The Kindness Manual — A Daily Guide

CONTRIBUTE with actions that can change the world
HEAR what others have to say
CHANGE your way of looking at things
FEEL how kindness generates good moments
WISH everyone a good day
DO small good deeds in your routine
LOOK at the other’s eyes when you talk
SMILE always
RESPECT each other’s needs

(Source: Spiritism Today)