A Ordem das Coisas…
The order of things…


O Blog do Lessa apurou nos bastidores do Palácio do Planalto e descobriu que, durante a discussão da Mulher-Sapiens com o funcionário do cerimonial, o funcionário lhe teria dito: “Olhe, minha senhora, eu sou um diplomata, formado em cerimonial nas Faculdades Unidas Fernando Collor de Mello. Tenho que observar e praticar as boas maneiras. Primeiro passam os aleijados, e só depois passam os retardados.” Infelizmente, não foi possível obter comprovação independente desse diálogo. 😉

In essence, the news picked up from Folha de S.Paulo newspaper above says that Dilma got upset with the ceremonial portion of an event that occurred today at the Planalto Palace. When Dilma was called to greet the Brazilian 2015 Pan American athletes, a man held her still saying that she had to wait for the athletes in wheelchairs to go through first. That made Dilma argue with the man in charge of the ceremonial part of the event right there and then. While gesturing and moving her head negatively, she told the man that the event had to be better organized.
The Lessa Blog has worked behind the scenes to find out that during the exchange between the Woman-Sapiens and the diplomat in charge of the ceremony, he had allegedly told her: “Look, ma’am, I am a diplomat, graduated in ceremonial practices at the Fernando Collor de Mello United Colleges. I must observe and practice good manners. First I have to let the cripples go, and only then I allow the retarded to move.” Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain independent confirmation of this dialogue. 😉


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