Impeachment ou Manicômio?
Impeachment or Mental Hospital?

Sim, senhoras e senhores. Esta é a atual presidente do Brasil. A pergunta é: isso é caso de impeachment ou de internação num manicômio judiciário?

For those of you who don’t understand Brazilian Portuguese, here it goes:
“We are promoting a communion of the manioc (or cassava) with corn, and we certainly will have a series of other products that were(sic) essential to the development of the whole human civilization along the century. Therefore, today I pay tribute to the manioc (or cassava). I think that it it one of Brazil’s greatest accomplishments! (…) For me, this ball is the symbol of our evolution. When we create a ball like this, we transform ourselves in homo-sapiens, or women-sapiens.”
Yes, ladies and gentlement, this is Brazil’s current president. The question is: is this a simple case of impeachment or of sending her to a state-controlled mental institution?



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