Se Ele Apenas Tirasse a Mão…
If Only He Removed His Hand…


The headline from O Globo newspaper on November 22, 2016 says that “Temer does not see a reason to remove Geddel”.
This blog firmly believes  that it is most unfortunate that this is happening. It was hoped that the Temer administration, composed of certified crooks, would put the knowledge of these crooks — now supposedly converted to saving the country — to good use, at a moment when everyone in Brazil wants to see the end of corruption and the emergence of sound political practices. The Geddelgate proves this blog wrong, unfortunately.


Da Série “Os Gênios da Pintura” – 1
From the “Geniuses of Painting” Series – 1


Foi descoberta no Brasil uma pintura inédita do pintor italiano Caravaggio. A obra, até então desconhecida, tem o título “Grido di un bambino” (em Português,
“Choro de um Garotinho”)

It was recently discovered in Brazil a work by Italian artist Caravaggio. The picture, hidden until now, is titled “Grido di un bambino” (in English, “A Little Boy’s Cry”).


Aos Politicamente Corretos…
To the Politically Correct…


“Mexicans are a bunch of illiterate indians!”
If these words were from president Donald Trump you were going to publicly dump s*** on Paulista Avenue and write an enormously long text…
But since these words are from your beloved Che Guevara you’re going to pretend you never read it, right, you hypocrite?


Nada Como Um Dia Após o Outro…
Every Day is a New Day…


Ainda bem que já passou (exceto no Acre), mas ainda assim vale lembrar uma frase minha de 1 ano atrás que gerou reações inflamadas por parte da esquerdopatia até no plenário da Câmara dos Deputados: “Com um plantel feminino dos infernos, os desgovernos Lulla e Dillma foram um Halloween permanente.”
Hoje, para nosso alívio, temos… Marcela. E não custa repetir o poetinha: “As feias que me perdoem, mas beleza é fundamental.” 😉

We have finally turned the page (except in the state of Acre). However, at this juncture (as Bush Senior would say) it’s worth remembering something I said and wrote a year ago that caused an uproar among leftists all over the place, even on the floor of the Brazilian House of Reps: “With this hellish female squad, the Lulla and Dillma un-administrations were a permanent Halloween.”
Now, we are relieved to have… Marcela. And it’s worth remembering the poet’s words: “Ugly women must forgive me, but beauty is essential.”  😉