STF _ Momento Decisivo
Brazilian Supreme COurt – A Decisive Moment

In this video, I talk about how tragic it will be if the Brazilian Supreme Court justices decide to grant a preventive habeas corpus to Lula, the greatest thief Brazil (and certainly a good portion of the Western civilization) has ever known, besides reminding everyone that Brazil is running towards becoming a new Venezuela.


O Cancelamento
The Cancellation

Um militante petralha é fotografado no momento em que faz o cancelamento de sua conta na Netflix, em protesto contra a série “O Mecanismo”.

A Workers Party militant (a “petralha”) is caught right at the moment that he is cancelling his Netflix subscription protesting against the new series “The Mechanism”.


A Picaretagem no STF
The Supreme Court Sham

At the Brazilian Supreme Court, justices resort to a very immoral scheme known as a “request for examination” of the paperwork related to a suit, any suit. Instead of returning the paperwork promptly and proceeding with trial, they sit on it for months, even years, causing heavy losses to the parties in dispute. In the case of people (usually high authorities) being prosecuted, the crimes prescribe and they are set free.


É Só o Comecinho…
It’s Only Just Begun…

Easy, petista*
Triplex** / Villa / Odebrecht / Petrobras / BNDES (List of legal proceedings against former president Lula da Silva)
The pole has not gone in completely yet… 😉

*Workers Party member
**Lula has been convicted on the legal proceedings regarding the triplex apartment


Fora, Temer! Fica, Temer!…
Out, Temer! Stay, Temer!…

In this video, I talk about recent developments in our tropical House of Cards. Things are getting pretty nasty around here, and everyone seems to be losing their right perspective about what to feel, think or do regarding Michel Temer’s presidency. If you understand Brazilian Portuguese, have fun! 😉


A Farsa Chega ao Fim!…
The Farce Comes to an End!…

This commentary is about the absolutely nasty job performed by Brazil’s electoral court acquitting the Rouseff-Temer ticket of all sorts of violations in the 2014 presidential election. A famous attorney has said that this is the first case she saw of an acquittal caused by an excess of evidence against the defendants.


Não Há Local Mais Apropriado
There’s No Better Place

The video shows the entrance to one of the Brazilian Senate restrooms. This one is located close to the Senate Library. The rolling video says: “Have you ever thought of a more appropriate place for campaign ads of a criminal like this one (Lula)? It’s either this way, close to the john, or in exchange for bologna sandwiches — which will invariably end in the toilet, too…”


Videos que Não Abrem – Tentativa de Solução
Videos Not Playing – An Attempt to Solve the Problem

Meus caros,
Muitos amigos têm reclamado que não conseguem abrir os vídeos postados aqui no Blog do Lessa. Numa tentativa de solucionar o problema, vou postar os vídeos aqui (por favor, vejam todos eles abaixo deste post) puxando o link do Facebook. Vamos ver se funciona. Obrigado pelo feedback, paciência e compreensão. Ah!, mais uma coisa: o tamnho do vídeo será ajustado em breve, nas novas postagens.

Dear friends,
Many of you have been complaining that you have been unable to watch the videos posted here. In an attempt to solve this problem, I am now posting all the videos (please see them below) using a link from Facebook. Let’s see if it works. Thanks for the feedback, patience and understanding. Oh1, and one more thing: the size of the videos will be adjusted for the new postings.