Você Decide…
You Decide…

Trust the media if you want to be manipulated.        
The two lies spread above: Lula leads in all first round scenarios for the 2018 presidential elections, according to a CNT/MDA poll;
Hillary Clinton has an 80% chance of winning against Donald Trump

(As you can see, it’s much better and safer to trust the Lessa Blog, BTW…)


Você Conhece Estes Indivíduos?
Do You Recognize These People?

Eles foram fotografados em São Paulo abastecendo o avião do ministro Teori Zavascki no dia do acidente fatal. Qualquer informação deve ser repassada às autoridades policiais.

These two were photographed in Sao Paulo refueling the airplane that took Justice Zavascki to his death in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro later that same day. Any information should be given to the authorities.


Melôs de Fim de Ano…
End of Year Tunes…

O Blog do Lessa recomenda para as festas de ano novo…

The Lessa Blog recommends for all new year’s festivities…
“Kassab & Nunkassab” singing “You and I in Guarujá”, “Run with me to Switzerland” and “Our little shack in Atibaia”
Produced by the Ministry of Culture with the support of Rouanet Law.
(Yeah, it’s a very localized joke, so… bear with me on this one!)  😉