Mississippi ou… Minissippi?
Mississippi, or… Minissippi?

O mapa mostra os estados americanos com maior interesse em aumento peniano. O Mississippi está em primeiro lugar. Em segundo, a Louisiana; em terceiro, Virginia Ocidental; em quarto lugar, está o Kentucky e em quinto, o Havaí.

Penis Enlargement Interest by US State. Top 5 searchers of penin enlargement: Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and Hawaii.


A Reforma Suja da Previdência – Meus 2 Centavos
The Dirty Welfare Reform – My 2 Cents


In this video, I talk about the dirty tricks used by the administration in trying to hurry up approval of a murderous welfare reform. I explain with numbers why there is not a so-called “welfare deficit” and propose that the administration should do its homework before attempting to screw the Brazilian population with a terrible welfare reform.


Lista de Afazeres
To-Do List

07:00 – Liquid crap
08:00 – Cold sweat
09:00 – Stuttering
10:00 – (Fecal & Urinary) Incontinence
11:00 – Dumping shit without control
12:00 – Changing diapers
13:00 – Nausea/vomiting
14:00 – Uncontrollable shaking
15:00 – High blood pressure
16:00 – Rivotril (benzodiazepine medication)
17:00 – Spasms
18:00 – Tachycardia
19:00 – Hospital check-in
20:00 – Defibrillator


Como Funciona A Ameaça da Coréia do Norte
How The North Korean Threat Works


In this video, a person explains how Kim Jong-un may destroy the whole world. If he wants to destroy just the United States of America, he presses the green button. If there is retaliation from the U.S. and other countries, he then presses the yellow button, which will destroy the whole world except for Brazil. Asked how to destroy Brazil, he then shows the red button with the number 13 (the Workers Party electoral number). Pressing that red button, then Brazil is completely destroyed, too. 😉


Bateu, Levou

Sao Paulo’s current mayor, Joao Doria, was harshly criticized by former president Lula da Silva in a speech. The criminal who insists on playing politics to evade Justice finished his remarks by saying that whoever met Mr. Doria should ask him about his (blue) booklet of employment record, insinuating that Mr. Doria, a wealthy man in his own right, never worked. Right after these remarks, Mr. Joao Doria recorded the video above, calling Lulla da Silva a “coward” and a “liar”, besides being completely “misinformed.” Mr. Doria showed his booklet and went on to say that he started working when he was 13 years old. “I’ve done something for all my life that you seldom have had the chance to do — I have worked, I have done honest work. I am a decent man, I am different from you, Lulla. I’ve worked all my life to amass a moral standing that you do not possess, Lulla. My sons are proud of me because their father works. The father works, he does no steal, he is a decent man, he is a Brazilian.” Mr. Doria also told Lulla to get his act together and work on being well-informed.