Sergio Garschagen e o Desgoverno Dilma
Sergio Garschagen on the Rousseff un-government

sergioA meta é bagunçar e irritar – Primeiro suspenderam o pagamento de metade do 13º dos pensionistas e aposentados, que deveria ser pago em agosto, segundo acordo do Lula com as centrais sindicais. Não havia dinheiro, explicou o Levy. Houve a natural gritaria, amplificada pelas redes sociais que aumentou exponencialmente, quando foi noticiado que o 13º da Dilma e dos seus 30 ministros fora pago. Para eles, dinheiro não falta. Depois decidiram que a metade do 13º seria pago em duas parcelas, em setembro e novembro e os 50% restantes em dezembro. Hoje anunciaram que vão pagar 50% em setembro, a partir do dia 24. Isso é o desgoverno Dilma.
(Atualização às 23:44: O jornal O Globo está informando agora à noite que o adiantamento será pago integralmente no dia 24 de setembro, e não mais em duas parcelas.)

The objective is to make a mess and annoy… First, they halted payment for half of the so-called 13th salary for pensioners and retired people. It should have been paid in August, according to an agreement settled by Lula and the unions. There was no money, explained (finance minister Joaquim) Levy. There was the obvious outcry. It was duly amplified by the social media when it was reported that the entire 13th salary had already been paid to Dilma and her thirty ministers. For them, there was no lack of money. Then, they decided that the first half of the 13th salary would be paid in two installments: September and November. The remaining 50% would be paid in December. Today, they have announced that 50% are being paid in September, starting on the 24th. That is the Dilma Rousseff un-government.
(Update at 11:44p.m.: O Globo newspaper now reports that the so-called 13th salary will be paid in full on September 24.)


Paciência Tem Limite!…
Patience has a limit!…

This video is, you’ve guessed, in Brazilian Portuguese. In essence, I am saying that a scheme is being worked out by Brazil’s screwy politicians in order to avoid punishment for everyone involved in the huge scandals that are rocking the country. Meanwhile, retired persons are being slapped on their faces by the un-government, which has announced it is not paying the first installment of the so-called 13th salary. At the same time, everyone witnesses the reckless spending orgy that is taking place with public money. This simply creates insurmountable obstacles for the removal of the current occupant of the Planalto Palace and the subsequent return to a serious endeavor towards development and economic growth. What is being set up by these scoundrels right in front of us is a sham, and it’s a dangerous proposition. Right now, Brazilians have expressed their disgust by offending public officials in restaurants, airports and other public places. The next, logical step is for someone to attack one of these clowns physically. When it happens, it is going to be serious, Mussolini style. For sometime, now I have been saying that Brazil’s organized society has been deteriorating. We’ve been going back to the “old west” lifestyle. Patience has a limit. It won’t be long until someone loses his/her mind and shoots to kill one of these bigwigs of the un-government, one of those who act as if they are immune to everything, those who act as if their impunity is guaranteed. Will this crystal clear alert sound like I am an ESP expert, or will Brazilian authorities understand these words as if I were inciting the masses to act violently? Good grief…