Meus 2 Centavos Sobre os Refugiados Islâmicos
My 2 Cents on the Islamic Refugees

In this video I basically claim for respect and reciprocity, reaffirming the “your walls, your treatment” concept. If I go to a country like Saudi Arabia with my wife, she will be expected to cover herself, leaving only her eyes to show. If someone from one of the Islamic countries come to any Western country, they are supposed to behave like we do, and dress (and/or undress) like we do. The same way I don’t go to their countries insisting violently that they change their behavior or their way of life, I expect them to do exactly the same here. My concern is that president Temer, himself of Muslim origins, does not pay attention enough to this trap set up by his predecessor, allowing Brazil to turn into a violent chaos with more unemployed people (on top of the 12 million Brazilians already unemployed) not speaking the language, with an agenda of violent change — since they never accept the customs and habits of the countries that welcome them with open arms. Brazil runs a very serious risk of generalized chaos with the imminent arrival of these refugees. It is to be noted that First World Europe was not able to control them; what is going to happen to a Third World Farm like Brazil? Well… food for thought.


Ana Aquino e o Futuro em Pedaços
Ana Aquino on a shattered future

ana_aquinoEstou aqui, pentelhando, há muito, dizendo que se a denta fosse re-eleita, o país cairia num caos sem precedentes. Não porque eu seja um gênio, mas porque leio jornais, revistas e até fofocas. E isto era pedra cantada desde muito antes das eleições.
Só que nem no pior dos meus pesadelos, pensei que isto fosse acontecer tão rapidamente. Nem que o caos fosse tão agudo.
Cá estamos. E daqui não dá pra saber pra onde vamos.
Nunca antes na história deste país o futuro pareceu tão despedaçado.

I’ve been around here, being a pain in the ass for quite a while, saying that if the prez was reelected the country would plunge into unprecedented chaos. Not because I am a genius, of course, but because I read newspapers, magazines and even the gossip columns. And that was taken for granted way before the elections.
However, not even in my worst nightmares, I could imagine that this would happen so quickly — or that the chaos would be so intense.
Here we are. And from here it’s impossible to figure out where to go.
Never before in the history of this country our future seemed so shattered.