Diferença na Informação
Difference in Information


The picture on top shows Cuban demonstrators turning their backs to Fidel’s coffin. This uncensored version is circulating in the social media and presents a larger number of demonstrators, all of them in focus.
The picture below, published by unabashedly leftist Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s online site, has been censored. It has been cropped to show less people, with those remaining completely out of focus.
None of the Brazilian TV networks showed this protest.


O Blog do Lessa é Hubert
The Lessa Blog is Hubert

Brazilian cartoonist Hubert talks about the act of censorship practiced against him by Facebook. He remembers that ever since the end of the military authoritarian regime of the 1960s, when he worked for weekly “O Pasquim” newspaper and had numerous jokes censored, no one expected the resurgence of censorship in Brazil. The Lessa Blog sides with Hubert in strongly rejecting this lame attempt against freedom of expression.  We’re sorry, Facebook, but… shame on you! 🙁