A Horripilante Lista Fechada
The Horrifying Closed List


This is a skit on the so-called “closed list”, a new dirty trick being proposed by Brazil’s corrupt politicians to perpetuate themselves in power. The waiter informs the client at the restaurant that they no longer have a menu. The client chooses a restaurant, but the food is supplied by the owner regardless of the client’s taste. Linking it or not, the client has to pay for the food. And it doesn’t matter if the person gives up eating at a restaurant and now wants to eat at home — he/she will have to keep paying a fee to support the restaurants. It is a similar situation to what happens nowadays in Brazil’s politics.


Lista Fechada – Meus 2 Centavos
Closed List – My 2 Cents


In this video I explain why the so called “closed list” is a very bad, very stupid idea to be adopted by the electoral system in Brazil. It’s just going to be one more imported idea that will not work mainly because Brazilians have a tendency to import just half of the ideas, distort them and then complain when they don’t work. This “closed list” is going to follow the same path.