Acorda, Presidente Michel Temer!
Wake Up, President Michel Temer!


This video-commentary is a very serious wake-up call to president Michel Temer. His administration seems to be on the brink of disaster, and he does not seem to be doing anything whatsoever to save it. He has no new plans, no bold initiatives, no nothing — and still wants to penalize the hard-working population in a crooked welfare reform. People are fed up with what is going on. Nobody wants the return of the criminals from the Workers Party — far from it!!! — but Michel Temer must do something to tend to the needs of the people. The main portion of this commentary was written by journalist Silvana Destro, from Sao Paulo, right after a pathetic exclusive interview given by Michel Temer to a Brazilian TV network (Bandeirantes). Just this afternoon (April 18) Congress was invaded by… police! Officers from all over Brazil came to protest against the welfare reform plans that are being discussed by congressmen. The situation will continue to escalate, unless president Temer decides to engage the public opinion and offer new, sound, sustainable alternatives.


As Sábias Palavras de Silvana Destro
Silvana Destro’s Wise Words

Antes de sintonizar a Globonews, tome um engov, pois a programação pode provocar vômito. Dizer que o assassino Fidel Castro foi um democrata é tripudiar em cima da história, dos fatos e de milhares de pessoas que padeceram nas mãos desse canalha. E viva o controle remoto!

Before you tune in to GloboNews, take some anti-emetic medication, because the broadcast could make you puke. To say that Fidel Castro, the murderer, was a democrat is to trample over History, facts and thousands of people that suffered in the hands of this son of a bitch. And… long live the remote control!


Silvana Destro e Uma Lástima
Silvana Destro and one regret

Silvana_DestroEu lastimo que você seja presidente. Eu lastimo que tenha dirigido esse setor sem entender porra nenhuma. Eu lastimo que exista gente como você no mundo. Eu lastimo o atraso que vc representa.




I regret that you are president. I regret that you have managed this sector without understanding diddly shit about it. I regret that there are people like you in the world. I regret the backwardness you represent.


Silvana Destro e as Conquistas do Governo Dilma
Silvana Destro and Dilma’s accomplishments

Silvana_DestroO Planalto (quem terá sido?) preparou uma contraofensiva para recuperar a popularidade de Dilma. A estratégia é colocar os pezinhos da presidente na estrada, para que ela relembre ao povo as CONQUISTAS do seu primeiro mandato. Vamos a elas:
1. Quebrou a Petrobras
2. Acabou com o sistema energético
3. Fechou os olhos para a corrupção
4. Manipulou dados da economia para fazer resultado positivo
5. Tratou com profundo equívoco a política educacional
6. Trouxe o Mais Médicos para enviar milhões de dólares para Cuba
7. Construiu um sistema portuário de primeira grandeza… em Cuba
8. Fodeu com o sistema portuário brasileiro
9. Fechou os olhos para as obras superfaturadas da Copa do Mundo
Gente, ajuda aí… Cansei! 🙂

The Planalto Palace (who might have been in there?) has prepared a counteroffensive in order to rebuild Dilma’s popularity. The strategy is to send the president on the road so she can remind the people of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of her first term. Let’s check some of them out:
1. Petrobras is broken
2. The (electric) energy system has been destroyed
3. She has closed her eyes to corruption
4. She has manipulated economic data to produce positive results
5. Educational policy has been treated in a deeply mistaken way
6. She has brought “More Doctors” to send millions of dollars to Cuba
7. She has built a world class port system… in Cuba
8. She has screwed the Brazilian port system
9. She has closed her eyes to the way overpriced construction work done for the World Cup
Hey, everyone! Help me… I’m tired! 🙂