Massacre? Que Massacre?
Massacre? What Massacre?

The Lessa Blog has been following the gang fights in Brazilian prisons from a distance, and has been impressed by the media coverage, as well as the repercussion it has obtained all over the world. 90 criminals dead, killed by other criminals in one prison… 30 criminals killed by other inmates in another… and so on, and so forth. Horrifying, really.
However, the picture above shows a massacre nobody talks about, a massacre that occurs every single day in every single city of Brazil. Thousands — repeat: thousands — of people are killed by the un-government, by un-doctors, by un-mayors, just because they are looking for medical treatment and they have got the other (a very short) end of the stick.


Isto Não É Justo
This is not fair

A tabela do SUS não é reajustada há exatos 12 anos, o que é motivo de falência das Santas Casas e fechamento de 12 mil leitos para o SUS. A diária de uma enfermaria na alta complexidade é de 29 reais. Os honorários de uma consulta ambulatorial são 10 reais, e uma visita médica hospitalar vale 8 reais. Enquanto isso, o desgoverno petralha envia mensalmente para Cuba 140 milhões de reais pelos 14 mil “médicos” cubanos.

The SUS (Brazil’s Unified Health System) price table has not been updated for the last 12 years, bankrupting the so-called Holy Houses (non-profit hospitals) and the removal of 12 thousand beds from the system. The daily rate of a high complexity infirmary is 29 reais (around US$9). An outpatient consultation is worth 10 reais (around US$3) and a hospital visit by a doctor is worth 8 reais (around US$2). Meanwhile, the petralha un-government sends 140 million reais (around US$45 million) to Cuba every month as payment for the 14 thousand Cuban “doctors” currently in Brazil.