Um Testemunho Sofrido
A Painful Testimony


This unnamed worker says he has been working since he was 14 years old. Now he is 44, having worked from Monday to Saturday starting at 4 a.m. He says he went to check his retirement status and was informed that is the current retirement/welfare plan is approved, he will have to work — hard — for another twenty years. Attention: graphic language.
(Source: the internet)



A Vida de Dilma, a Mentirosa
The Life of Dilma, the liar


Duas datas, duas manchetes e a constatação da mentira: a de cima, de 6 de julho de 2015; a de baixo, de 20 de fevereiro deste ano.

Two dates, two headlines and one explicit lie: the one on top, dated July 6, 2015, says that “to stop unemployment, administration creates program that reduces salaries and working hours; the headline in the bottom, dated February 20, 2015: “Dilma says there will be no relaxation of labor legislation.”