Como Funciona A Ameaça da Coréia do Norte
How The North Korean Threat Works


In this video, a person explains how Kim Jong-un may destroy the whole world. If he wants to destroy just the United States of America, he presses the green button. If there is retaliation from the U.S. and other countries, he then presses the yellow button, which will destroy the whole world except for Brazil. Asked how to destroy Brazil, he then shows the red button with the number 13 (the Workers Party electoral number). Pressing that red button, then Brazil is completely destroyed, too. 😉


A Empulhação Safada do 13º Salário no Brasil
Brazil’s “Thirteenth Salary” BS

This video was posted on Facebook and basically talks about the bulls**t created in Brazil decades ago about a fictitious thirteenth salary. This has been touted by the press and the administrations as a benefit, not a right. More recently, state governments have been announcing their impossibility to pay the so-called “thirteenth salary”. Citing lack of funds, those state governments split payment in several installments, creating havoc among workers. Worse: nobody in Brazil ever thought this is not a benefit. Nobody ever cared to inspect the calendar to find out that there are thirteen months hidden in a twelve-month calendar. I mention the solution to the problem: copying the U.S. system of bi-weekly payments. 26 payments (adding up to 13 months) are made without the so-called “thirteenth salary”, since those 26 payments already represent 13 months. I also suggest a way of transforming this into reality, either by contacting the representatives (senators or congressmen) to request they come up with a bill changing the payment system, or a popular initiative bill, which would require the signature of millions of Brazilians all over the country. The time has come to place this issue on the discussion table. The country cannot wait anymore.


Tomara que “O Antagonista” Esteja Certo!
Let’s Hope “The Antagonist” is Right!

O post abaixo foi publicado no excelente site O Antagonista. O Blog do Lessa torce para que a notícia seja confirmada em breve, e que vejamos essa dupla criminosa atrás das grades logo, logo.

The post above has been published by the well-informed Brazilian site “O Antagonista” (The Antagonist). The Lessa Blog fervently wishes this information is confirmed soon in order to have this criminal duo behind bars as early as possible.
It reads: “The U.S. will call for the imprisonment of Lula and Dilma” — Officials from the United States are going to ask that “Brazilian Official 1” and “Brazilian Official 2″ be jailed. Lula and Dilma Rousseff are finished.”


A Tragédia Brasileira
The Brazilian tragedy

O valor do dólar subiu 10% no mês de julho em relação ao real. Cotação de fechamento: R$3,42 para US$1.
É o maior patamar da moeda desde 2003. Para o Blog do Lessa, a situação só tende a piorar enquanto o Brasil continuar sem governo.

In July 2015, the dollar increased its value by 10 percent vis-à-vis the real. Exchange rate on July 31st: US$1 was worth RS3,42.
It is the largest difference since 2003. The Lessa Blog believes that this situation will only get worse, as long as Brazil remains without a government.


You know, Dr. George, I feel less valued each day that goes by…


Sergio Garschagen: Cuba, EUA e… Dilma
Sergio Garschagen: Cuba, USA and… Dilma

sergio_garschagenA bandeira cubana voltou a tremular nesta segunda-feira no Departamento de Estado americano, num gesto histórico que põe fim a décadas de hostilidades entre os dois rivais da Guerra Fria. O chanceler cubano, Bruno Rodríguez, comparece hoje, às 11h30min. (horário de Brasilia) à cerimônia de hasteamento da bandeira cubana pela primeira vez em 54 anos sobre uma mansão que voltará a ser a embaixada de Havana em Washington. John Kerry hasteará a bandeira norte-americana em visita a Havana, em agosto.
Para não ficar falando sozinha ou, no máximo reunida com os seus parceiros de diplomacia-anã (ditadores africanos, Bolivia, Argentina e Venezuela, se o Maduro a perdoar da “traição” do Itamaraty), Dilma tratou de fazer as pazes com Obama. Este colhe três vitórias estrondosas em seu mandato: a aprovação do Obama Care pelo Congresso, a reaproximação com Cuba e o acordo nuclear com o Irã. Dilma, por seu turno, colhe também três êxitos na politica interna nacional: aprovação de 8% dos brasileiros (um espanto ainda ter tudo isso!); a oposição de 2/3 dos congressistas (é o famoso e emulado programa “Dilma, take care!!”) e o desengate do criador Lula. A criatura ganhou asas e voa solo. Ela se aproximou do Obama mas não consegue mais o apoio do ladino Obrahma que, maldoso, mandou-a se aproximar do povo, que a apupa sempre.

The Cuban flag is again being displayed inside the U.S. State Department. It is a historical gesture ending decades of bickering between the two Cold War rivals. Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez attends today (11:30, Brasilia time) a flag-raising ceremony at a mansion that becomes the Cuban embassy in Washington for the first time in 54 years. John Kerry will do the same during a visit to Havana in August.
To avoid being left talking to herself — or at best gathered with its dwarf-diplomacy partners (African dictators, Bolivia, Argentina and Venezuela, if Maduro forgives the Itamaraty’s “betrayal”), Dilma made peace with Obama. Obama is harvesting three wondrous victories in his second term: Congress’ approval of Obamacare, normalizing relations with Cuba and the nuclear agreement with Iran. Dilma, on the other side, has also harvested three victories in domestic politics: an 8% approval by Brazilians (it’s amazing she still has all that!), the opposition of two-thirds of congressmen (it’s an emulation of the famous “Dilma, take care!” program) and the disengagement from her creator, Lula da Silva. The creature spread her wings and flies solo. She got close to Obama but she can’t get the support of wily Obrahma* who, mischievously, told her to get close to the people — the same people who are always booing her.
*”Obrahma” is a clever mix of words by Sergio Garschagen: he put “Obama” and one of Lula’s nicknames together. During the Car Wash investigation, it was learned that Lula was referred to as “Brahma” (a brand of beer, with a slogan that says it is #1 — an oblique explanation that he, Lula, is the number 1 criminal in the corrupt organization being investigated and prosecuted).