Acorda, Presidente Michel Temer!
Wake Up, President Michel Temer!


This video-commentary is a very serious wake-up call to president Michel Temer. His administration seems to be on the brink of disaster, and he does not seem to be doing anything whatsoever to save it. He has no new plans, no bold initiatives, no nothing — and still wants to penalize the hard-working population in a crooked welfare reform. People are fed up with what is going on. Nobody wants the return of the criminals from the Workers Party — far from it!!! — but Michel Temer must do something to tend to the needs of the people. The main portion of this commentary was written by journalist Silvana Destro, from Sao Paulo, right after a pathetic exclusive interview given by Michel Temer to a Brazilian TV network (Bandeirantes). Just this afternoon (April 18) Congress was invaded by… police! Officers from all over Brazil came to protest against the welfare reform plans that are being discussed by congressmen. The situation will continue to escalate, unless president Temer decides to engage the public opinion and offer new, sound, sustainable alternatives.


16 de Agosto: o Blog do Lessa Apóia!
August 16: The Lessa Blog supports it!

Se você está em território brasileiro, não fique em casa no dia 16 de agosto! Se estiver no exterior, junte seus amigos brasileiros e se reúna em algum lugar de sua cidade. Não importa onde você esteja. Mostre nas ruas a sua indignação com o que está acontecendo no Brasil!

If you are in Brazil, don’t stay at home on August 16! If you are abroad, call your Brazilian friends and get together. No matter where you may be, go to the streets and show everyone your outrage with what’s happening in Brazil!