A Reforma Suja da Previdência – Meus 2 Centavos
The Dirty Welfare Reform – My 2 Cents


In this video, I talk about the dirty tricks used by the administration in trying to hurry up approval of a murderous welfare reform. I explain with numbers why there is not a so-called “welfare deficit” and propose that the administration should do its homework before attempting to screw the Brazilian population with a terrible welfare reform.


A Verdade Por Trás da Reforma da Previdência
The Truth Behind the Brazilian Welfare Reform


This congressman, a representative from Ceará state (Northeastern Brazil), explains that companies and banks owe almost 500 billion reais (170 billion dollars) to the Brazilian welfare/retirement system. None of the administrations, including the current one, have ever tried to make these companies pay. Now, the Temer administration has decided that the people are going to fill this huge hole, paying the bill. That is absolutely unacceptable, and the Lessa Blog agrees with him. Welfare/Retirement reform? Yes. This welfare/retirement reform? NO!



Um Fruto Amargo da Democratização Brasileira
Brazilian Democratization’s Bitter Fruit

Lei do Sexagenário, de 1865. Todo escravo com 60 anos ou mais ganhava a liberdade. A lei ficou conhecida na época como a “Lei da Gargalhada Nacional”, porque raramente os escravos conseguiam chegar vivos a essa idade. Hoje em dia, tenta-se fazer o mesmo com a chamada reforma da previdência social. No Brasil, os séculos passam, mas a piada cruel continua a mesma. Agora é a Aposentadoria da Gargalhada Nacional. Escravos, ontem; trabalhadores, hoje…

Sexagenarian Act, 1865. Every slave reaching 60 years of age obtained his/her freedom. The law was widely known at the time as the “National Laughter Act”, because very few slaves were able to reach 60 years of age still alive. Today, the same thing is being attempted in the so-called welfare reform. In Brazil, the years go by but the same cruel joke remains. Now it is the “National Retirement Laughter.” Slaves, yesterday; workers, today…


Sobre a Proposta de Reforma da Previdência…
About the Proposed (Brazilian) Welfare Reform…

In this prank produced by SBT television network, a fake city official tries to deliver a document to a 70 year-old man in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The document read by the “official” establishes that at that age he has no more social value and thus needs to die by cremation. According to the “document”, the man must present himself in eight days to the proper officials having paid the proper cremation tax and carrying a plastic bag, wood, gasoline in order to be cremated. It is required that he does not show up intoxicated by alcohol (danger of explosion) or after eating sweet potatoes. 😉